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The Journal of the Kenya Association of Physicians is a peer-reviewed journal that takes pride in maintaining the highest standards of scholarly excellence in scientific and health care publications. With our editorial office based in Nairobi, we release biannual issues in March and September, with a diverse range of original research, case reports and review papers in the Health Sciences, with a particular focus on research in clinical medicine.

The Kenya Association of Physicians is dedicated to delivering continuous and dynamic educational programs, spearheading medical research, upholding a strong governance framework through a code of ethics, engaging in public advocacy, and fostering collaborative partnerships with other healthcare stakeholders within the region and beyond.

We strive to serve as a platform for the dissemination of scientific discoveries, encouraging the exchange of ideas and insights that contribute to the improvement of healthcare practices and patient outcomes. Our goal is to facilitate dialogue, inspire innovation, and support the professional development of physicians and researchers in Kenya and the wider global community.

Mission Statement

The Journal of the Kenya Association of Physicians (JOKAP) aims to maintain the highest standards of professional practice among its members by propagating excellent clinical practice, nurturing a culture of professional development through research, and continually evaluating its members through laid down objectives.


JOKAP is dedicated to:

  • Promoting high-quality care by Physicians and Internists in Kenya.
  • Ensuring a high standard of professional and personal conduct among Physicians.
  • Addressing and promoting all matters affecting the interests of Physicians in Kenya.
  • Supporting and promoting research in Medicine and related disciplines through collaboration in research, education, and training, and sharing experiences for the implementation of best strategies.
  • Organizing functions to facilitate the exchange of ideas and improve mutual understanding among members.
  • Liaising with local and international organizations on matters of mutual interest.
  • Advancing the specialty of Internal Medicine and its sub-specialties.

ISSN: 2663-6492

Peer Review Process 

The Journal of the Kenya Association of Physicians is committed to maintaining the highest standards of scholarly integrity rigor in the dissemination of medical knowledge. All manuscripts submitted for publication undergo a rigorous peer-review process. Our journal employs a double-blind peer-review system, ensuring impartial evaluation by expert reviewers who are selected based on their expertise in the relevant field.

Upon submission, each manuscript is initially assessed by the editorial team for adherence to submission guidelines and ethical standards. Subsequently, manuscripts deemed suitable for peer review undergo a thorough evaluation by at least two independent reviewers. The peer-reviewers evaluate the manuscript's originality, methodological soundness, significance of findings, and adherence to ethical guidelines. Authors are provided with reviewers' comments to address and improve the quality of their work.

Copyright Statement 

All content published in the Journal of the Kenya Association of Physicians is protected by copyright. Authors retain the copyright of their work, granting the journal an exclusive license to publish their contributions. Readers are encouraged to respect the intellectual property rights of authors and the journal. For more information, read the copyright policy of our journal here.

Open Access Policy 

The Journal of the Kenya Association of Physicians is committed to the principles of Open Access, ensuring that all published articles are freely accessible to a global audience. We also believe that there should be no financial barriers in information sharing by authors. To ensure this, we do not have article processing charges

Information for Authors

For detailed guidelines on manuscript preparation and submission, authors can find comprehensive information here. We encourage authors to carefully review our guidelines to ensure a smooth and efficient submission process.


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