For Reviewers

Reviewer’s Guide In The Assessment Of A Research Paper:

Initial check: Does the manuscript align to JOKAP instructions for authors (referencing style, word count etc), If not please list the items to be revised.

Topic and content:

  • Is the topic relevant for the journal?
  • Is the content important to the field?
  • Is the work original? (If not, please give references)
  • Is it novel?


  • Does the title reflect the contents of the article?


  • To what extent does the abstract reflect aspects of the study: background, objectives, methods, results and conclusions?

Introduction / Background:

  • Is the study rationale adequately described?


  • Are the study objectives clearly stated and defined?


  • To what extent is the study design appropriate and adequate for the objectives?
  • Is the sample size appropriate and adequately justified?
  • Is the sampling technique appropriate and adequately described?
  • How well are the methods and instruments of data collection described?
  • How well are techniques to minimize bias/errors documented?
  • Ethical Consideration: If there are issues related to ethics, are they adequately described?

Analysis and results:

  • Are the methods adequately described?
  • Are the methods of data analysis appropriate?
  • Do the results answer the research question?
  • Are the results credible?
  • Is statistical significance well documented (e.g. as confidence intervals or P-value)?
  • Are the findings presented logically with appropriate displays and explanations?


  • How well are the key findings stated?
  • To what extent have differences or similarities with other studies been discussed and reasons for these given?
  • Are the findings discussed in the light of previous evidence?
  • Are the implications of these findings clearly explained?
  • Is the interpretation warranted by and sufficiently derived from and focused on the data and results?


  • Do the results justify the conclusion(s)?


  • Are the references appropriate and relevant?
  • Are they up to date?
  • Are there any obvious, important references that should have been included and have not been?
  • Do the references follow the recommended style?
  • Are there any errors?


  • Is the paper clearly written?
  • Is the paper presented logically (e.g correct information in each section, logical flow of arguments)?
  • Are there problems with the grammar / spelling / punctuation / language?